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Health Tech
  Molecular Diagnostics
  Personal Genomics
  Regenerative Medicine
  • Benchling - cloud-based informatics platform for life sciences
  • Butterfly TeleGuidance - integrated ultrasound telemedicine platform
  • Clever Care - where western medicine meets eastern medicine
  • Clover Health - using data analysis and preventive care to improve health insurance
  • H1 - database connecting the healthcare ecosystem
  • iMedix - health search and community
  • Karius - a non-invasive blood test to diagnose infections
  • Moderna - focused on drug discovery and drug development based on mRNA
  • ORIC Pharmaceuticals - working on cutting-edge therapies for treatment-resistant cancers
  • Paige - transforming the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Zocdoc - find a doctor near you

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